Experienced NodeJS/ Golang Dev Up To 35M

Job Description

You’re an experienced backend developer with a strong working knowledge of Node.js, and your current work just isn’t holding your attention. You’d like to level up your skills working with a wide variety of applications and technologies, and it’d be amazing if you could see your work out there in the real world. You like problem solving and having a team with whom you can brainstorm simple solutions to complex problems.

Your Skills and Experience

  • Strong working knowledge of Node.js 
  • Complex scaling issues and tiered caching strategies 
  • Modern, microservice-based web applications 
  • The ability to research and communicate your ideas in software design and architecture discussions 
  • Full stack skills including deployment, database, and front end 
  • Experience in the design of high throughput, low latency, large-scale distributed systems 
  • Experience with productivity and/or collaboration software is a plus 
  • A strong communicator who can articulate nuanced ideas clearly whether it's explaining technical decisions in writing or brainstorming together in real time 

Bonus points if you also have: 

  • Experience with cloud deployments and management (AWS, Docker, Kubernetes) 
  • Authentication and authorization (sessions, API tokens, JWTs) 
  • Concurrency and scaling techniques 
  • Automated testing experience (unit and integration testing, performance testing and benchmarking) 
  • Experience with Go or other statically-typed, compiled programming languages / OR you are willing to learn programming languages 
  • Experience in writing unit tests

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 13th month salary. 
  • Salary review: twice a year, promotion opportunity. 
  • Working directly with the Board of Directors who are experienced and psychological. 
  • Have the opportunity to regularly improve professional training. 
  • Highly professional equipment. Intense English course for the 03 months by our English teachers. 
  • Have the opportunity to become a key member of the company. 
  • Advanced healthcare insurance/ Fully enjoy social insurance and other benefits in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law. 
  • Working 05 days a week. 
  • 12 days off allowance per year. 
  • Company trip, annual year-end party every year, team building, etc.

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